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Will updating lorry sat-navs prevent bridge strikes?

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Britain’s largest map producers, Ordance Survey, is creating new sat-nav software containing updated information on road widths, weight restrictions, bridge heights and restrictions on left or right turns at junctions.

The main aim of this new software is to prevent lorry drivers getting themselves into difficult situations due to a lack of knowledge on where they can and cannot drive. Areas with narrow country roads or low bridges are the most affected by this with one bridge in Tulse Hill, London being struck 17 times in 6 months despite various ‘Low Bridge’ warnings.

Around 200,000 miles of UK roads have already been mapped by the company and is expected to be released before the end of the year.

Robert Andrews, a spokesperson for Ordance Survey said, “The definitive data, which also includes information on speed limits and planned road maintenance, delivers a product which will enable more efficient routing for all road users, including HGV’s. We are confident that the product will deliver customer data needs in one central location, allowing more informed and confident decision making”

80% of sat nav providers already use Ordance Survey for other data services but this new database will be offered as a commercial product, with a free version available to people who don’t want the newly updated accident prevention software.