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Will technological advancements in distribution deliver for the customer, supplier and those employed in the sector?

With almost 40 million of us using smart phones in the UK alone last year, it’s no surprise that technology continues to play a major part in our lives, it’s also no surprise that many companies are constantly seeking new solutions to keep them ahead in competitive market places. The distribution sector is one such area where they are becoming increasingly dependent on technology solutions simply to enable them to move forward, but what of the impact on us consumers, the employees in the distribution industry how exactly is it affecting all of us?

In more recent years we’ve seen major pressure on retailers to provide the highest quality solutions to increase repeat business and immediate response to their customer requests. Social media has become very influential in the rise of E-commerce and non-store retailing.
Recent developments in consignment tracking technology have allowed businesses easy access to larger volumes of data and at a more granulated level than ever before. With state-of-the-art tracking systems, organisations are able to provide their customers with information relating to their orders thus managing their expectations and reducing the anguish often felt when a delivery appears lost in the ether.

With technology like E-signatures we can see that an order has been both received and who accepted it, and in the event a package is lost then the distributor may be presented with a better insight into what has happened, so that the appropriate action can be carried out accordingly.

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) another form of tracking goods, uses electromagnetic fields to instantly identify and track objects with tags attached, the tags contain electronically stored information which are picked up from nearby RFID readers which infiltrate radio waves.

With in-cab technology improving driver safety, logistics companies are able to benefit from data that these vehicle monitoring systems provide. Knowing where your drivers are, is extremely advantageous as is knowing that they are driving courteously and if should not be the case then being able to identifying potential issues and transform such issues identified into positive training initiatives, this approach increases staff satisfaction and should decrease staff turnover.

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla cars is quoted as having said “Ideally you’d want an industry where there’s at least three or four entities competing. That I think, tends to lead to the best level of innovation because any company that sort of stays stationary with their technology will be exceeded by their competitors”
His view clearly suggests that too progress positively we must move in harmony with the technological advances and embrace the changes taking place every day, so that as a business we are not left behind.

To conclude the evolution of technology has clearly benefited many industries in various aspects both internally and externally, and in the distribution industry we should be excited and eager to see where it takes us in the years to come.

Written By Nicholas Gordon