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Will our roads have to close?

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It’s that time of the year again with organisations such as Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) releasing their annual ALARM survey regarding the general condition of roads in England & Wales and the findings are concerning to say the least.

AIA have stated that the amount of money needed to bring the roads up to scratch is a staggering £11.8 billion – a figure that has hardly moved in the last 4 years.

They have also recommended that roads should be resurfaced every 10 to 20 years however on average in England and Wales resurfacing only happens every 57 years.

England’s road maintenance budget has also dropped by 16% from last year’s figures although the overall amount local authorities need to repair all of the roads has dropped by £400 million showing they are achieving more with less money due to improved efficiency.

Alan Mackenzie, Chairman of Asphalt Industry Alliance said, “This year’s ALARM survey shows that clearing the maintenance backlog remains out of reach for most local authorities. The full effect of longer, wetter winters on poorly maintained roads can take a number of years to be fully realised. This, coupled with increased traffic, an ageing network and prolonged under-investment in our local road network means that its resilience is continuing to be tested.”


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