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Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London

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Transport for London have announced plans to create an Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) to try and reduce the amount air pollution in London.

Vehicles that do not meet certain EU exhaust emission standards will be charged when driving through central London; the ULEZ will be found within the same area as the Congestion Charge Zone. HGVs will get charged £100 if they do not meet the Euro VI emission standard or if the age of the lorry is over 6 years old by the time the ULEZ comes into play in 2020.

It is believed that 4,300 people a year die in London due to air quality related illnesses although London’s air quality has improved significantly recently with all but one air pollutant still breaching the legal limits set by the European Union, Nitrogen Oxide.

TfL believe that the benefits of the ULEZ will be seen greatest in young and older people and those who have respiratory problems, they also believe that this zone will help bring down air pollution in Greater London as a whole, not just the areas in which the zone is enforced.

However, small and medium sized haulers who work within the ULEZ may struggle to update their fleets to cater for the new standards meaning they will have to avoid these zones, potentially losing them clients based in London. Matthew Pencharz, the Mayor of London’s Environmental Deputy said, “a lot of the things that have been said I think are not particularly fair about what has been happening here” and that plans to bring in the ULEZ before 2020 “would be a totally unreasonable thing to do”.

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