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Two of the most dangerous HGV driving jobs

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As a logistics company, trg recognise truck drivers don’t always have it easy. Sadly It’s not simply “all English breakfasts” followed by copious cups of tea at every truck stop. In many cases the job can be physically and mentally demanding.

Navigating a 44 tonne vehicle through our congested cities might be considered a formidable challenge, but like most jobs some aspects are truly tougher than others, here are two HGV driving jobs you wouldn’t be undertaking whilst working at trg Logistics.

1 – Ice Road Trucker

Some of the many hazards faced include freezing cabs, poor visibility, frequent breakdowns and of course the hassle of vanishing roads. Although on a positive note at least you are unlikely be dealing with other motorists, rather the odd polar bear!

Working in temperatures as low as -50°c on roads that are simply ice over lakes is enough to put off all but the most fearless drivers and who antics are follows by millions of viewers on the reality TV show Ice road truckers.

trg Logistics - News


2 – Truck Driver on the ‘Death Highway’

Despite having the name ‘Death Highway’ the road from La Paz to Coroico in Bolivia is frequently used by buses and HGV’s, navigating their way through treacherous bends with deadly drops.

Sadly some 300 people die on the road every year and although the road itself is less than 50 miles long, it is littered with wrecked vehicles and headstones lay in honour of the people who weren’t fortunate enough to complete the journey safely.

Recently a new and much safer route has been completed and this will hopefully reduce the amount of people killed on the notorious ‘Death Highway’

This is a driving job that even those who have little fear of heights might consider twice.
Take a virtual drive for yourself –

So do you fancy a job as an extreme HGV driver or something more normal? If you choose the latter then why not take a look at our latest vacancies today!

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