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How Third World Initiative Has Driven MacRebur’s CEO To Solve Three World Challenges

MacRebur CEO Toby McCartney, is the only CEO to date that has provided a solution to three world problems we all currently face. We first ask ourselves why people all over the world aren’t following this path. These world problems are:

1. Millions of tons of waste plastic that still sit in our landfill sites.
2. The millions spent on new roads, maintenance, and pothole repair.
3. Our roads, using current solutions, are weaker and temporary.

Whilst in Southern India carrying out charity work, Toby was removing plastic from landfill sites and selling them on to be turned into something useful again. Some of the waste plastics retrieved by his fellow pickers were then put into potholes and had petrol poured over them. The plastic then set alight melting into craters to form a temporary pothole filler.

This gave him the inspiration to look a little deeper into this idea. A year and a half down the line of testing and trials (producing his own solution/product MR6), it is within British & European standards, highly durable (longer lasting than standard asphalt) and increases the lifespan of the roads we drive on today, alongside reducing production and maintenance costs.

MR6 is made from 100% recycled plastics. With MR8 & MR10 products also available, they reduce the following:

1. The amount of plastic production increasing every year.
2. 5 trillion bits of plastics in our oceans.
3. The costly use of the fossil fuel bitumen in the road mix.

Looking at the bigger picture, this road could lead to a Landfill Free world and a pothole free one too, whilst providing many solutions for heavy volumes of traffic, cost of repairing roads and not needing to use Oil based solutions which resourcefully are finite.

Written By Nicholas Gordon.