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The abolishment of the Counterpart

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As you may or may not be aware, on June the 8th 2015 the DVLA will be removing the paper counterpart of the licence. The DVLA commented that the paper counterpart is unnecessary in today’s digital age.

If you have the old paper licence that was issued before 1998 this will still be valid and shouldn’t be destroyed but if you need to renew or update your name or address, you will be issued with a photo card only.

If you currently have the photo card and paper counterpart , after June the 8th the paper counterpart will no longer be a valid legal document and is recommended it be  destroyed.  Note your driver photo card is still valid and should not be destroyed.

Penalty points (Endorsements) will be recorded electronically and will no longer be displayed on the photo card or the paper counterpart. From the date of the counterpart abolishment, if you commit an offence you will still pay the applicable fine and take your licence to court.

As points will not be displayed on licences, you will be able to check your licence for endorsements online, phone and via post.

You may come across a few problems when abroad such as hiring a car. When hiring a car they will always want to see a counterpart to your licence. So what’s to be done? The DVLA has advised people to log on to the DVLA website the day before they go away, were you will be able to get a special code to be used if a third party would like to view your endorsements online.

For people that do not mind the data roaming charges you will be able to get the code on a smart phone. This is providing that you know your national insurance number.