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Temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours

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Announcement by the Department for Transport (DfT) to introduce a temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours to help those caught up in Operation Stack in Kent, and help clear out of Kent trucks which have already made the crossing.


The temporary relaxation applies only to drivers who journeys are delayed due to the disruption in Calais and who:

  • Have used a cross channel ferry or Eurotunnel to reach or leave Kent; or
  • Are waiting within Kent for departure to mainland Europe; or
  • Are driving a commercial vehicle operated from an operating centre in Kent and whose journey has been disrupted


This temporary relaxation applies from 30 July 2015 and runs at the times when Operation Stack is in place for up to 30 days.


  • Replacement of the EU daily driving limit of 9 hours with one of 11 hours
  • Reduction of the daily rest requirements from 11 to 9 hours


The requirement to take a 45 minute break after 4½ hours driving remains and will continue to be rigorously enforced.

Please check for full details.