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Relaxed drivers hours rules due to Forth Road Bridge

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The European Commission have approved the Department for Transports (DfT) plans to temporarily relax drivers’ hour’s rules for drivers affected by the closure of the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland.

These new relaxed rules will apply from 00:01 on Tuesday 12th January 2016 and will end on Monday 15th February 2016 at 23:59.

The temporary rules state that the hours that an EU driver can work per day have risen from 9 to 11. The amount of hours that drivers are allowed to work a week has climbed from 56 to 60 and the fortnightly limit will be 110 hours compared to the previous 90.

The initial rules regarding break times (taking a 45 minute break after 4 ½ hours) and rest times (having a minimum of 11 hours rest which can be reduced to 9 hours three times a week) will remain and will continue to be enforced meticulously.

The new rules will only apply to EU drivers of good vehicles weighing over 7.5 tons of whom are using the Forth Road Bridge for long distance movements, including journeys through and beyond Fife and the Lothians. The rules also apply for EU drivers driving anything weighing over 7.5 tons and are based either side of Forth Road Bridge within the recognised diversion routes of the A958, M876, M9 and M90.

If circumstances change the DfT reserves the right to withdraw the temporary rules early.

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