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Supersonic Jets, future of logistics or is the costing too high?

For those of you that don’t know, the Concorde is making its way back into our atmosphere commercially thanks to aviation companies looking to bring the concept back to life to transport passengers around the globe.

If this movement really takes flight, the logistics industry can utilise this to get stock/cargo from A to B far quicker due to the Jet having a cruise speed of 1,354 mph (twice the speed of sound) creating the potential to take companies and businesses international that are limited to their global origin.

The reason these supersonic jets are being used, as opposed to commercial airlines, was due to the significant decrease in travel time when travelling on these jets. For example, a flight from London to New York is typically seven hours on a commercial airline (Boeing 737) but on a jet, this time is shortened to three and a half hours, initiating room for twice as much cargo to be moved in the same time as one load prior.

In terms of time, we will spend the same amount of time transporting cargo but in effect double what we as an industry send out, with the time-frame we are given.

Due to the immense cost of flights and fuel consumption, it is likely that the more expensive items available to buy will be transported by this method. Given the reasons stated above, what are your thoughts on this potentially being the future of logistics?

Written By Nicholas Gordon.