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Could this be the start of a new age for road safety?

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SteerSafe, a campaign aimed at diminishing the blind spots on commercial vehicles and increasing road safety as a whole, believe so.

SteerSafe has reviewed that physically removing the HGV’s blind spots is a near impossible task and that a simple solution has been long over looked. By placing a bird’s-eye view camera above the vehicles, the driver will be able to view a 360 degree image of all dangers around them thus completely removing all blind spots.

Chris Hanson-Abbott is the spearhead for the SteerSafe campaign with his hugely successful original 1980-90’s ‘Reverse-in-Safety’ campaign calling for the mandatory fitment of reversing alarms to all commercial vehicles. Mr Hanson-Abbott, who was awarded an OBE for services to road safety said, “Bird’s-eye view technology is already tried, tested and in service which gives drivers a continuous bird’s-eye view of a wide footprint all-round the vehicle – 360 degree camera systems eliminate all blind spots on a single monitor image.

“This is far better than relying on multiple mirrors because a driver can take in all the information with one glance at a screen, rather than having to look at a series of mirrors in quick succession.”

However, many drivers and haulage companies believe that the roads will never be safe until the public are made aware of the dangers heavy goods vehicles pose to them and that measures have to be made on both sides of the fence.

Is this a step in the right direction for safety on our roads?