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How could slowing down lorries save the industry over £27 billion?

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Leading European brands such as Nestlé, Philips and DHL have agreed that reducing the carbon emissions from freight transport is high on their to-do lists after reports of a single artic lorry consuming an average of just under £27,000 worth of fuel a year.

Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics at Kühne Logistics University believes that reducing the speed that freight vehicles travel at will bring down the amount of carbon emissions produced by them. McKinnon is aiming at helping transport and logistics companies to comply with government policies on climate change as they aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60-80% by 2050.

It is believed that by driving these lorries at a lower speed it could save companies around £7,600 a year per lorry in fuel consumption. A report carried out by EuroStat in 2012 ( stated there were over 3.6 million HGV’s on UK roads so saving £7,600 on every one of these would mean the industry as a whole could save £27.4 billion a year in fuel consumption alone.

However, by slowing down these vehicles there is also potential for companies to lose money as increased delays due to lower speeds may also effect the efficiency of this process.