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Should lorry drivers have to gain special training when working in big cities?

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“What steps are being taken to ensure that people who drive heavy goods vehicles in city centres receive training that specifically addresses the risks of urban driving?” Ruth Cadbury MP, Co-Chair of the All Parliamentary Cycling Group, has posed the question along with several others to the Transport Secretary to explore how HGV and cycle groups might coexist better and make the UK’s roads safer.

The relationship between lorry drivers and cyclists has on occasion been described as fairly fragile with Transport for London calculating that a cyclist is 78 times more likely to be killed in an accident involving a HGV than one involving a car.

The haulage industry is however acknowledging these issues, with companies creating new and innovative technology solutions to help lorry drivers avoid these incidents. Safety equipment such as camera and sensor systems alongside clear driving cabs and larger side windows are all examples of how the haulage industry are trying to bring down the amount of fatalities.

James Clifford, co-founder and Chair of the Westminster roundtable says, “We are pleased to see that the Department for Transport is taking seriously the concerns held by both the cycling and road haulage community. By engaging the DoT in discussion on key issues such as reforming the Driver CPC and incentivising fleet operators to adopt advanced safety measures on their vehicles, we have taken the first steps towards improving road safety.”

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