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It’s been said that around 1/3rd of existing UK pallets would meet the regulations currently set out by the EU if we were to leave, What if all pallets matched the criteria necessary if we left?

PALLITE® is an award-winning business that specialises in the design and manufacturing of strong, lightweight & environmentally friendly shipping crates made of paper.

In the uncertainty of a potential ‘No Deal Brexit’ PALLITE® has manufactured Pallets that are excused from the regulations that will be put into place (far stricter than they are currently) if we leave the EU, as remaining members will have the ability to produce them to a far lower standard allowing these less regulated pallets to move between global borders.

These PALLITE® products won’t need to undergo processes such as fumigation of wooden packaging to eradicate disease transfer & heat treating, and due to being made of recycled and recyclable paper, will contribute towards the decrease in the usage of our planets finite resources.

Due to the fact that these PALLITE® products are around 83% lighter than the more traditionally used wooden and plastic alternatives various benefits ensue, for example if a plane were transporting 30,000 pallets via air and used PALLITE® instead of its wooden predecessors you’d reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 4,612 tonnes.

Lastly, over 80% of PALLITE® is made from recycled paper and all of their products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, and where they don’t use nearly half of the material their wooden predecessors use in a year could save up to 600,000 trees.

PALLITE® has recently been funded over £1,200,000 to prepare the UK for this potential change, leave or not do you feel that this alternative solution should already be in effect?

Written By Nicholas Gordon.