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Road to Logistics – Getting ex-servicemen on the right tracks

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A new scheme backed by the Road Haulage Association (RHA) called ‘Road to Logistics’ is helping ex-military servicemen gain driving jobs by training them to drive HGV’s.

The clever idea is focusing on people who are having a tough time once back from serving for our country and is trying to bring down the high percentage of ex-servicemen becoming homeless, contracting health issues or getting arrested with a report by the Independent stating that 1 in 10 prisoners are former soldiers. Sue Clifford of No Offence said, “We estimate that 10 per cent of prisoners are military veterans, from samples of the prison population. The current prison system shows that only 3.4 per cent of prisoners are military veterans, which under-acknowledges the figure as people do not talk about their former role unless asked.”

Not only does this project help keep veterans on the right tracks but it also helps tackle the UK’s driver shortage, now estimated to be 45,000 drivers below what is needed.

Organisations such as the RHA and telematics company Microlise are working together with Care After Combat to make sure that these guys get the life they deserve after putting so much on the line for us. Jim Davidson from Care After Combat said that, “Those who have served us in the forces deserve our help if things don’t work out when they leave. By working together, we can make sure that Road to Logistics helps three organisations achieve their goals. Such is our confidence in the Road to Logistics programme that we will be taking the results to Westminster to gain a permanent funding stream for further entrants into the academies.”

What are your views on the project?