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Lorry drivers ignoring road restrictions may face fines

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Driving a heavy goods vehicle can be challenging enough when you are familiar with the route you are travelling, but when you are relying on directions from Satellite Navigation systems it can become a whole lot more difficult particularly if the Sat Nav thinks you’re in a car.

At times like these HGV drivers can be confronted with a difficult situation of whether to turn around if possible or continue on, however doing so can result in them having to ignore road restrictions such as weight restrictions.

The consequence of this can result in significant damage to Britain’s roads and now there is call for drivers to “face fines” according to the Local Government Association (LGA) stating that thousands of pounds worth of damages and hours worth of traffic jams are caused by lorries being driven in areas they shouldn’t be.

Residents in Desford have complained about these lorries and Juliette Minto of Desford Traffic Watch has even gone to the extent of standing in the middle of the roads to stop vehicles over 7.5 tonnes from coming through. Juliette believes the problem is down to drivers not having access to proper HGV sat navs that tell them what roads they can and can’t go down.

There have been reports of lorries hitting buildings and parked vehicles whilst trying to manoeuvre around the tight country roads which are the areas effected most by wandering drivers.

One example of how the LGA would use the money raised from fining the drivers who do ignore the weight, width and height restrictions would be to “help with the nation’s £12billion pothole backlog” and to “top up shrunken highways budgets during the era of public spending austerity.”

Some freight and haulage companies are working with the councils and residents to try and tackle the issue by putting up signs showing alternative routes to the vehicles destination making sure that they are avoiding the quiet villages and tight country roads.

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