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Can Competitors Keep Up With Amazon’s Warehouse Robotics?

When Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) bought out warehouse robotics automation firm Kiva (The primary supplier of warehouse robotics) in 2012, he gained control of an entire industry by diluting all future contracts & sales with any warehouse firm other than Amazon. Kiva designs robots that completely automate the packing and picking process in warehouses. […]

23rd November 2018

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Supersonic Jets, future of logistics or is the costing too high?

For those of you that don’t know, the Concorde is making its way back into our atmosphere commercially thanks to aviation companies looking to bring the concept back to life to transport passengers around the globe. If this movement really takes flight, the logistics industry can utilise this to get stock/cargo from A to B […]

15th November 2018

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Anti-Slavery Day Awareness

Today is the UK’s Anti-Slavery day, this article is here to raise awareness of the issue of modern slavery and the commitment in taking action to tackle it. Over 136,000 people are thought to be trapped in modern slavery in the UK alone, but this is only an estimate and has the potential to be […]

18th October 2018

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How Your HGV Could Generate Electricity On Main Roads!

Renewable Energy is fundamental to the ongoing functionality of our planet, the source of the power we use, whilst also not wasting any of our finite resources i.e fossil fuels. A few examples of renewable energy are sunlight, rain, tides, waves, geothermal heat and wind. The use of fossil fuels are not only damaging to […]

28th September 2018

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The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In The Warehouse, unnecessary or profitable?

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) being such an important topic of discussion and growing trend over recent years, it’s no wonder it possesses many benefits to the constantly evolving and competitive warehousing industry. Some of you may be asking yourselves what AI is? In simple terms AI is a computer that can learn, a machine that […]

26th September 2018

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10 Ways To Stay Safe Driving HGV’s & Avoid Trouble/Accidents

Your security & safety as a HGV driver is important to your colleagues, family, friends & company you work for. Here are ten ways to ensure that you are always safe when on a job: 1. Ensure your cab doors are locked whilst driving – Criminals may try to gain access to the cab when […]

17th September 2018

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How Third World Initiative Has Driven MacRebur’s CEO To Solve Three World Challenges

MacRebur CEO Toby McCartney, is the only CEO to date that has provided a solution to three world problems we all currently face. We first ask ourselves why people all over the world aren’t following this path. These world problems are: 1. Millions of tons of waste plastic that still sit in our landfill sites. […]

13th September 2018

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£12 million to be funded by the British Government for autonomous vehicle technology in mass transit, right move or waste of money?

With Autonomous vehicle systems being the benchmark for driverless accident free travel, the British Government has confirmed they plan to fund £12.1 million to six individual projects. These projects will aim to make travel safer, improving autonomous vehicle systems so that they are operational within the logistics industry for last-mile deliveries in cities. This will […]

20th August 2018

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When Motorways are less occupied by road workers, the general speed limit is set to increase, good idea? or should we avoid life in the fast lane?

With safety remaining a major concern on roads, and just as importantly for the people working on them, it’s no surprise that Agencies like Highways England are constantly seeking ways of ensuring improved safety for all, whilst at the same time trying minimising congestion as the volumes of vehicles increase year on year. One such […]

20th July 2018

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As distribution companies continue to strive for great efficiency, some have found Integrating Augmented Reality Into their operations is delivering immediate results, so is this cutting edge technology the answer for all Warehouses in the future?

Augmented Reality, a direct or indirect live view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information, so it’s seeing what we usually see around us accompanied by computer generated images. Given the various benefits that these Augmented Reality glasses provide, it’s no wonder this technology has moved beyond that of […]

4th July 2018

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