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Never miss a parcel again…

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We all enjoy shopping and as most people have said, online shopping is the way forward. Often it is cheaper and quicker than driving to the shopping centre, parking, comparing products, queuing and then finally making a purchase.  All in all, online shopping is the simpler method. However we all know the pain of not receiving your parcel, either because you’re at work, maybe you decide to quickly pop out out to grab a pint of milk or the parcel company has decided to drop off your parcel at the exact moment you’re in the shower.

So Amazon, Audi and DHL have come up with a hassle free method to receive your parcel if you are not at home. The system operates off a single use code that works by opening the boot of your Audi. It can only be opened during a certain time in the day and will only be opened once. This concept should prove to be the easiest method of delivery for both the customer and the delivery staff.

If you don’t think you will be at home on time from work, you can order the parcel there and the driver can drop the item off in your car. I think we can all agree this method is a ground breaking, yet simplistic concept and will make our lives that little bit easier.