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National Lorry week

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October see the start of Road Haulage Association (RHA) ‘National Lorry week’. So what exactly is National Lorry week? It’s a bid to raise awareness around the importance that logistics and specifically HGVs play in the economy and our day to day lives.

From the 26th to 31st October a number of hauliers will be inviting the general public to come and learn about the world of logistics.

The event is intended to showcase the opportunities within the logistic sector and what you’ll get to do; take a close look around a number of the many vehicles used to support the road distribution network , learn about the various driving roles and other logistics jobs within the industry, find out how logistics keeps our supermarkets stocked, our construction sites building and manufacturing moving furthermore you can hear about the future plans for the logistics industry such as going green.

The RHA hope to raise awareness regarding the importance of the logistics industry in the eye of the general public and politicians.

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