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Both metric and imperial measurement systems to appear on warning signs

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Roads with length, weight, width or height restrictions will now contain warning signs consisting of both the metric and imperial measurement systems instead of just one or the other.

The DfT states that the changes to the signs will start taking place on the 22nd April this year and need to be enforced due to the climb of incidents where drivers are either ignoring or misunderstanding road signs and are driving under bridges that are too low for their trailers. “It is felt that there are a number of lorry drivers on our roads who may not be familiar with imperial units of measurement, particularly younger drivers who may not have been taught imperial measurements at school. This lack of understanding has been implicated in incidents of bridges being struck by over-height vehicles.”

The issue has been a rising problem in the UK with reports of one bridge in Tulse Hill, South London being struck 16 times in just 6 months despite rail staff monitoring it in peak times to try and reduce the amount of collisions.

Lorry drivers misinterpreting the height of bridges has caused havoc on UK’s roads in the past with heavy damage to the HGV’s, the destruction of bridge structures and serious injuries to drivers and the public all being reported as the result of these crashes.

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