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Lorry drivers, do we really need them?

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With the current lorry driver shortage looming over us we thought we would show you how essential these drivers are to everyday life and how Britain could change if these drivers simply disappeared.

Vegetarian Britain – Meat could become a luxury once again. Farmers rely heavily on feed deliveries during the winter months to support their livestock in the cold weather and maintain their health; with no-one around to deliver this feed, farmers would have to develop more expensive ways to look after their animals potentially causing a price surge in meat.

Working from home – The price of petrol would be likely to sky-rocket due to HGV tankers being responsible for the vast majority of deliveries. The price rise could make running a car far too expensive for everyday use and could even cause the majority of the nation to have to ride a bike or walk to work. For the unlucky people who live too far away from their work to do this it may give them no choice but to start working from home.

Waste building up in the streets – Waste management would be a serious problem affected by the absence of HGV drivers. Although waste removal systems go fairly un-noticed and just blend into conventional life they are unquestionably important and without them we would be at risk of serious health, safety and economic issues. British households create 31 million tonnes of waste per year and without our waste removal systems we would have no efficient way of getting all of this rubbish off of our streets.

Expensive housing – Without lorries to transport heavy building materials across Britain the cost of using other services could make it far more expensive to build new homes. The issue of material transportation along with the ever-growing demand for housing could cause the prices of these new homes to soar, making it even harder for people looking to buy a new property to get one.