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Is the future looking bright for female lorry drivers?

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According to the Freight Transport Association (FTA) the amount of women interested in becoming a truck driver is on the rise.

The FTA stated they gained this information from a Twitter poll with over 79% of women involved saying they would be keen to get behind the wheel of a HGV.

The findings contradict the current driving situation and brings up the question as to why such a miniscule amount of women are currently working in the industry with just 2,200 out of the 315,000 registered truck drivers being female.

Although there may be several factors deterring women from pursuing HGV jobs one of the key hurdles seems to be the cost of gaining a Class 1 Licence which averages out at around £3,000.

The FTA are hoping for an updated loan system to assist aspiring lorry drivers to gain their licences, FTA Skills Policy Development Manager Sally Gilson said, “the FTA has been calling on the Government to provide a suitable loan system. The current Personal Career Development Loan option is not appropriate and a simple change to allow Level 2 qualifications to be included within the 19+ loan would provide the quickest and best solution.”