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Invisible Trailers – Future Problems Or The Drivers Solution?

Some innovative tech from automotive supplier Valeo was sure to turn some heads at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year in Las Vegas.

On January 8th at CES 2019, Valeo introduced technology that makes a trucks trailer invisible, allowing the driver to see who & what is behind them, called the Valeo XtraVue trailer. This can be applied to Caravans, HGV’s & most equipment that can be towed by a motor vehicle.

The system uses cameras located on the rear bumpers of both the vehicle and the trailer to achieve an invariable image, which is sent to a display placed in front of the driver (tablet, phone, etc). This in effect allows the driver to visualise what’s happening behind the trailer.

This technology is exciting and also potentially brings us closer to accident free roads in the foreseeable future. Given the information stated how do you feel this technology will impact UK roads, positively or negatively?

Written By Nicholas Gordon.