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HGV’s banned from turning left

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Are prescribed routes for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) in London the solution to the current cyclist safety issue? Boris Johnson has proposed plans to map out routes for HGVs through London that avoid routes used heavily by cyclists and reduce the number of left turns a HGV has to make, a manoeuvre that carry’s the most risk to cyclists.

Boris Johnson seems very keen to move ahead with the proposed plan shown by a recent statement from the mayor’s office “discussions with the London boroughs and the construction industry have already started to ensure that this [strengthening of GLA planning powers] happens as fast as possible”

While the idea has much merit there are some practical and logistical issues to restricting the routes a HGV can take through the capital and placing a restriction of left turns. While the idea has certainly had a lot of traction from the mayor’s office, it will be a significant amount of time before we see any of the above restrictions put in place or even approved. The restrictions are only part of a significantly larger proposal due to take place in the future, post Boris Johnson’s departure from the mayor’s office in May 2016.