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HGV rush hour ban

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Boris Johnson’s motion to establish a rush hour ban on HGV’s within the capital has undergone, with the AM’s (assembly members) agreeing unanimously.

Andrew Boff, AM, said: “7 out of the 8 cycling deaths this year have been caused by collisions with an HGV. This is a shocking statistic and a clear indication that action is needed.”

“I believe that the solutions proposed by this motion will do much to make our city safer for cyclists and ensure that London’s roads are suitable for all users.”

Transport for London, City Hall and multiple councils have been working continuously to educate drivers about road safety and in addition to introducing new safety requirements, HGV’s have to meet in conjunction with increased policing of London’s roads.

The motion will also see new style driver cabs introduced which have a much higher level of visibility, allowing drivers to easily see vulnerable road users such as cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and school children.

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