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How Your HGV Could Generate Electricity On Main Roads!

Renewable Energy is fundamental to the ongoing functionality of our planet, the source of the power we use, whilst also not wasting any of our finite resources i.e fossil fuels. A few examples of renewable energy are sunlight, rain, tides, waves, geothermal heat and wind.

The use of fossil fuels are not only damaging to the planet and environment, but are also extremely costly. We will slowly run out of fossil fuels if we do not look to alternative solutions moving forward.

Now here comes some fresh ingenuity from company Devecitech, bringing you ENLIL, which is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project. By placing a hybrid vertical axis wind turbine (including a solar panel on top of it) on highways, “Metrobus-lines” and other transportation lines as well as high-rise residences, ENLIL will generate energy by using the winds created by passing vehicles as well as the natural winds. It will also measure the city’s temperature, humidity, wind and CO2 by using the built-in sensors and the IOT platform.

The measurements made by ENLIL will be used on the carbon footprint map to contribute to the safety of cities by providing information to them about potential earthquakes. Also, a mobile app will provide information and data about the generated energy and measurements made by ENLIL to whoever needs it.

For obvious reasons, a HGV or larger vehicle will generate more momentum, thus creating more wind to power the turbine, potentially making HGV’s vital in providing renewable energy to the world.