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Groundbreaking new route control software

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Paragon Software Systems, an IT firm based in Dorking, Surrey have created groundbreaking new route control software which could potentially save transport companies endless amounts of time and money.

This software warns drivers to avoid major public events, roads with lorry bans and busy hotspots along with anything else that may disrupt a driver’s journey, making it a lot harder to gain fines for driving on the wrong roads.

William Salter, Paragon’s managing director, said: “software plays a big part in planning the best possible route.

“However, transport planners spend considerable time amending plans to accommodate conditions that can delay or even prevent a journey.

“If a driver doesn’t follow the planned route, then further time needs to be spent working out whether those deviations were legitimate or not.

“After talking to transport and logistics industry players, our team of software developers has now built the functionality to help them ‘close the gap’.”