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Fit2Perform – The wristband for drivers

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EIT Digital, an innovative company based in Belgium, has launched the Fit2Perform project aimed at helping truck, van and cab drivers to keep an eye of their health.

The Fit2Perform project has created a ‘smart wristband’ which tracks driver’s data and helps them to make the right lifestyle choices and keep healthy. It does this by collecting bio-metric data such as your heartbeat which can then be displayed on interactive lorry dashboards and potentially even on a smart phone app.

This wristband isn’t only focused on helping drivers view their own health status, it is also looking at finding a way to send this information to company office’s so logistics teams can keep track of their fleet’s needs such as where and when a driver should schedule a break.

Harry Butcher, a team member at Astrata said, “We know that our driver population is ageing, it is not healthy, and it needs products that can help drivers change their lifestyles. A driver usually has a very erratic sleep cycle – I was a driver myself many years ago and I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel – this is not something drivers will say is uncommon.” He believes that by being able to actually see a driver’s health status it will stop employers hiring people with serious health issues that have lied about not having any in their registration.

The product is currently still in production but testing is taking place this summer across Europe with its official launch to be sometime in 2017.