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Exempt from being placed on an ‘O’ license

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Did you know some goods vehicles are exempt from being placed on an ‘O’ license? Vehicles that fall into this category include: military vehicles, snow ploughs and gritters, emergency service vehicles (including those used by gas, electricity, water and telephone companies), electric or steam powered vehicles, hearses, recovery vehicles (only if they’re used exclusively for that purpose), tractors and agricultural vehicles used in certain circumstances and volumetric mixers.

Recently volumetric mixers have come under particular scrutiny, partly due to findings collected by the newly formed LGV Task Force that indicated less than 20% of volumetric mixers stopped were found to be fully compliant with the relevant regulations.

A consultation was setup by TfL that ran from December to March this year in order to investigate the requirement for exempt vehicles that may now need to be included on an ‘O’ license. TfL have said this would likely improve roadworthiness of many of these vehicles and in turn likely reduce the risk to vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians.