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Driver Health & Ways To Improve It!

It’s no surprise that when we think about HGV drivers, we know that their role for a large amount of the day is carried out with minimal movement and from a fitness perspective, isn’t considered a physically active role but it’s of course very mentally draining. We as an industry need to implement as many ideas and tips for our drivers to remain healthy whilst their working day runs its course.

Here are some tips on eating healthy and managing your weight positively:

• Eat fewer calories – weight is easily gained when you eat more calories than you burn. Eating fewer calories will allow your body to burn any excess fat and help you lose weight. Consume at least 1,500 calories if you are a woman & 1,800 calories if you are a man.

• Bring your own lunch – pack healthy meals and snacks, its expensive and difficult to eat well on the road. Fruits, nuts and vegetables will provide you with energy, help you lose weight and will cost far less than eating out.

• Exercise outside of work – exercising for at least 30 mins a day can strengthen your heart, improve your fitness and help you lose weight drastically.

• Maintain a healthy diet – create a balanced diet by ensuring you eat nutritious food such as vegetables, fruit, lean meats etc. We’re not saying not to have any bad foods but this always needs to be kept in moderation.

When you participate in regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet, you can reduce the risk of developing several diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease & type 2 diabetes. This also strengthens your mental health & your immune system.

Drivers are so important to keeping the country’s economy going. It’s crucial that we ensure that we are all as healthy as we possibly can be.

Written By Nicholas Gordon.