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Does this spell the end for plastic driving licences?

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With technology progressively being used to complete everyday tasks safer and more efficiently, there’s no wonder how it has found itself imbedded into the driving world. Life saving tech such as automatic breaking and blind spot assistance are just a couple of examples of how this technology can benefit you, but in regards to the administrative side of driving are we still in the stone age?

Since the photo card licences were first launched in 1998 a lot has happened; the Euro was introduced, Facebook was created, Apple launched the first iPod and we celebrated entering a new millennium. With such immense technological advances since their creation, is it time to bring these little plastic cards up to date?

Trust will always be an issue when new technology is introduced, especially when it holds sensitive information. Stories of information getting lost or stolen by hackers may be one of the many reasons the government have been wary about advancing towards turning completely digital.

Digital licences have already been trialled around the world and Oliver Morley, Chief Executive of the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) tweeted an image of a prototype digital licence (pictured) they’ve been working on; however he says it would be used as more of an “add-on” than a replacement. Benefits of the system include new licences being delivered instantly and making it easier to clamp down on fraud as it would be harder to steal than a physical document.

Could this be the end of plastic driving licences as we know them? What are your views on scrapping the traditional cards for digital versions?