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Are the day’s numbered for diesel cars?

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An ultra low emission zone will come into force in London in April 2019 with a reported £24 a day fee for some drivers, described as the so called “toxin tax” other UK cities are expected to follow suit.

The government have been forced to act by a High Court judge after losing a legal battle with lawyers ClientEarth, which followed a “final warning” on air quality from the European Commission.

Some owners of diesel cars, who were previously encouraged to buy them after they were promoted as more economical and less harmful in terms of carbon dioxide emissions are entitled to feel somewhat aggrieved at introduction of the new tax.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that from April 2019 there would be a £12.50 charge – on top of the existing congestion charge of £11.50 in central London for petrol cars that do not meet Euro 4 standards and diesel vehicles that do not meet Euro 6 standards.

According to City Hall, this will hit most petrol cars more than 13 years old in 2019, and diesel cars more than four years old in 2019.

Are we set to see a second scrappage scheme and with diesel cars brought in 2015 potential falling under the new tax how would such a scheme work?