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Could diesel run out in Britain?

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With Britain’s ever increasing preference for diesel over petrol set to continue the increased demand on the refineries has resulted in them, struggling to keep up. It has been predicted by the RAC Foundation (RACF) that diesel will be more popular than petrol, in fact 4 times more by 2030.

Currently Britain is consuming double the amount of diesel we refine with additional fuel being imported from countries including India and Russia. An over reliance could spell trouble for Britain’s motorists as factors like; political relations, production capacity and the suppliers country demands can all affect the cost of diesel in the Britain.

With the number of ‘big refiners’ in the UK falling from 9 to 6 since 2009 and several others on sale there doesn’t appear to be a plan to combat the predicted shortage. At worst this could result in the price of diesel experiencing sharp price increases and supplies become interrupted.