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How Close Are We To Being Caught In The Loop As An Industry?

We used to think of hyper loops as futuristic something in the far distant, however recent advancements in technology & some innovative thinking could mean we are now closer than ever to achieving a fifth mode of transport. But how close are we exactly? & how might we benefit from this technology in the years to come?

Well firstly, for people not aware of this audacious yet inspiring idea first bought to light by SpaceX & Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the concept is as follows imagine a steel tube with extremely low air pressure, shooting pods inside it at incredibly high speeds (760 mph) combined with extremely low friction that magnetic levitation offers, & these pods carrying cargo and potentially people.

Now the underlying goal of this idea is to reduce the cost & time of transporting goods & people all around the globe, whilst reducing emissions that’s today’s modes of transport emit.
The company Virgin Hyper loop One publicly stated its goal is to deliver a fully operational hyper loop system by 2021, & they have visions for the UK with hyper loop systems stretching from Edinburgh to London together with a loop from Glasgow to Liverpool amongst other routes intended for the US, Mexico, India & Canada.

This being said if the system were to be fully operational by 2021 how exactly might this affect the industry and the people that work within it? Might it eradicate the need for so many drivers or possibly give them less ground to cover whilst remaining needed?

Written By Nicholas Gordon