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With Clean Air Zones being put into place all around the UK should companies reliant on HGV’s be subject to the fees now being administrated?

An coalition of trade associations are asking the government to reconsider the level of charges that business’s reliant upon HGV’s will be subject to following the introduction of the new clean air zones (CAZ), as these are introduced, both in the capital and in time towns and cities across the country.

This alliance is made up of the industry’s top organisations including the BVRLA (The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association), the RHA (Road Haulage Association), FTA (Freight Transport Association) and the NFDA (The National Franchised Dealers Association), and are lobbying the governments for their support.

The typical charge of a HGV save those with the latest Euro VI engines is £100 a day, which could add as much as 25% on the daily running cost of a non-compliant vehicle, and which can be incredibly difficult for smaller business as they will be less likely to be able to continue running at their current rate whilst absorbing such a financial blow like this.

Very few people will argue against the benefits of cleaner air, and if this is considered the most effective move forward, should the government consider a different approach, and help the companies with tax incentives to change their fleet rather than penalties that simply increase the costs for a large part of the supply chain?

Written By Nicholas Gordon.