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Can Competitors Keep Up With Amazon’s Warehouse Robotics?

When Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) bought out warehouse robotics automation firm Kiva (The primary supplier of warehouse robotics) in 2012, he gained control of an entire industry by diluting all future contracts & sales with any warehouse firm other than Amazon.

Kiva designs robots that completely automate the packing and picking process in warehouses. This is saving Amazon a fortune in money and boosting efficiency drastically.

With this movement effectively stopping all other warehouses benefiting from what these robots can do, in recent years as an industry it comes as quite a surprise we have been able to deal with increase of demand for quicker delivery and the larger volumes required today.

With so many new companies bringing their robots/systems to the table for other warehouses to use such as Viastore Systems, Invata, Dematic, OPEX, TGW, UNEX and Eiratech, alongside some innovative tech elsewhere in the industry, it’s no surprise that we as a sector are able to maintain ongoing business in such a competitive industry.

Written By Nicholas Gordon.