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Bus Lanes To Be Shared By HGV’s In Wales, But Will It Ease Congestion And Should This Approach Be Taken In Other Parts Of The Uk?

The Welsh Government is currently considering the potential of allowing HGV’s to use bus lanes in order to improve the flow of traffic and ease congestion during certain times, but how might this affect other road users such as cyclists that currently enjoy use of the lanes, and should this approach be considered for bus lanes in other parts of the UK if the proposed trial in Wales were to go well?
The suggested trial has had a mixed response with some such as the sustainable transport charity Sustrans concerned that carrying out this trial may increase the danger posed to cyclists, where some haulage groups are reported to welcome such a trial as an innovative way to combat congestion pointing out that buses are indeed large vehicles and they currently coexist with the cyclists in the lanes.
Given the proposal is still only a possibility with nothing yet finalised what does the future hold if the trial is a success, could bus lanes change forever becoming simply a small vehicle exclusion zone and might the bus lanes simply be extended further to carry the additional traffic reducing current lanes available to all vehicles?

Written By Nicholas Gordon