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Bikes to be fitted with lasers for road safety

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Following on from early trials to enhance the safety for cyclists on our roads Santander have announced that as sponsors of the London bike scheme they will be fitting a ‘Blaze Laserlight System’ to all 11,500 bikes.

The system uses white LED lights to project a green laser image of a bike onto the ground six metres ahead of the cyclist making them more visible for pedestrians and other road users.

Three-quarters of the people who trialled the bikes said they felt more confident when cycling on London’s treacherous roads with the lights fitted.

It’s good to see other parties outside of the Logistics industry providing innovative ideas to improve road safety for cyclists.

If you drive a HGV then let us know what you think of the new safety lighting.

Want to see the Laserlight in action? Watch Santander’s feature here –

For tips on how to stay safe whilst cycling on the road visit –