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Audi E-Diesel

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For all you petrol heads not already aware Audi has now announced the development of a carbon-neutral diesel fuel. This is made from water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources. Astonishingly Audi have already created a vehicle capable of using the new carbon neutral fuel. Audi have a plant in Germany which will pump out 160 litres of the synthetic diesel every day in the coming months.

The product which is called Blue Crude is made in 3 stages. The first stage is to harvest the renewable energy from sources like wind turbines, hydropower and solar energy. Next they have to split water into oxygen and pure hydrogen, using a boiling process called reversible electrolysis.

This hydrogen is then mixed with carbon monoxide (CO), which is created from carbon dioxide (CO2) that’s been harvested from the atmosphere. The two react at high temperatures and under pressure, resulting in the production of the long-chain hydrocarbon compounds that make up the blue crude.

Once it’s been refined, the resulting e-diesel can be used on its own to power cars in a more sustainable way.

It has been said that the engine runs quieter and fewer pollutants are being created. Also Audi have said “Just imagine being able to tear around the countryside in an Audi sports car, and not having to feel guilty for all the CO2 emissions you’re producing. We can’t wait.”