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With 2020’s technological advances – Can our safety improve?

As I’m sure you’re aware, the technology industry is consistently moving forward due to incredibly high demand, forever increasing what we as and representatives of the logistics industry can achieve. However, can we preserve or exceed the current standards of safety with these imminent changes?

One of the biggest advancements our industry has seen is the ability to track and monitor our vehicles via GPS and furthermore track and monitor traffic etc. This is being invested into heavily so when a problem does occur, we can get a more exact sense of what has happened, where it happened and routes to avoid when out on delivery. The real benefit of this technology is the ability to collect data, avoid problems we currently deal with on a regular basis, alleviate risks & predict potential future scenarios.

Technology is paving the way for the future of intelligent logistics. Drone Delivery is one of the most innovative tech currently in development to use worldwide by close of play 2025, with the pioneers of this being Amazon. This will ultimately reduce the amount of vehicles currently operating on our roads, reducing RTA’s and CO2 emissions, as well as achieving faster delivery times so consumer needs will be met to a higher standard and more consistently at peak times.

There are various benefits these new advancements provide but new safety risks also. We currently have no experience in handling these risks effectively out in the field – which poses the question – without perfecting our current methods of transportation safety, should these new developments be bought into the grand scheme of things when this is achieved?

Written by Nicholas Gordon.