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£12 million to be funded by the British Government for autonomous vehicle technology in mass transit, right move or waste of money?

With Autonomous vehicle systems being the benchmark for driverless accident free travel, the British Government has confirmed they plan to fund £12.1 million to six individual projects. These projects will aim to make travel safer, improving autonomous vehicle systems so that they are operational within the logistics industry for last-mile deliveries in cities. This will drastically reduce accidents, emissions & costs.

The projects involved are OmniCAV, COSMOS, VeriCAV, D-RISK, Simulation of Complex Off Road Environments & Sim4SafeCAV. These projects are systems of what makes a vehicle autonomous. The funding will make these systems more advanced than they already are & safer for the people in & around the vehicles that use them.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman had this to say on the matter, “This could bring significant benefits to people right across the country and presents enormous economic opportunities for the UK, with autonomous vehicles sales set to be worth up to £52bn by 2035”.

Given the obvious benefits that this new movement will have on autonomous technology & the UKs economy, do you as a reader think this funding will edge us closer to being a ‘World Leader’ in transporting goods & autonomous logistics? Do you think this will provide capital for our country or will this waste more money than we will save?

Written By Nicholas Gordon.