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Gender Pay Gap

trg Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

trg operates within the Logistics Sector essentially supplying qualified drivers to a number of its major clients. The majority of drivers within trg hold a HGV class 1 and or 2 license.

It is recognised that there is a national shortage of qualified drivers within the logistics sector and a major under representation of women; this is down to:

  • Unsociable driving hours
  • Manual handling of cages, many major clients continue to use manual labour as a means of loading/unloading cages as the cost of automation is too costly an investment.

The representation of men and women in our business is as follows:

Due to our equality and diversity policies in place, we are pleased to report there is no equal pay gap amongst similar roles, but due to the under representation of Women within our business, there is a gender pay gap, which is as follows:

The representation of Men and Women in our Head Office/Operations is as follows:

Pay Gap Head Office/Operations – Salaried

The difference between men and women:

On a mean average, Men earn 43.44% more than Women, with the Median average being 43.42% this is down to a number of important factors:

  • More women are part time
  • Men occupy more of our senior roles proportionally in line with the ratio of Men vs Women in our Operational Business

Pay Gap Head Office/Operations – Salaried – Quarterly Bonus

The following breakdown of Bonus has been paid:

Employees/Drivers – Hourly Paid

The representation of Men and Women in driving/warehouse roles is as follows:

Pay Gap driving/warehouse

The difference between men and women:

Using a mean average, Women earn 27.38% less than men due to women mainly undertaking drivers mates and admin roles whereas men are mainly undertaking driver roles which attracts a higher rate of pay.

Using a median average, Women earn 21.91% less for the reasons indicated above.

Across the business using a median average, men earn 32.87% more than women.

I confirm the data reported is accurate.

James Davies

Head of HR